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Weekly Program


Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a program available to your high school player to help him get ready for their upcoming season. Each practice will give your player quality individual practice with professional coaches. Players are getting reps, training, and instruction each practice throughout the week. With about 16 hours of practice time spread out over 8 days per month, that is only $6 per practice hour. Since this is not a "team" practice, there is no required attendance; which is perfect for families with a complicated schedule or multiple athletes. Players can attend one day or both days of the week, but attendance is not mandatory. Each practice will feature either hitting, pitching or fielding.

High School

Prep  Workouts

Dates: 12/20 - 1/26
6:15-8:15 pm

Holly Land Park

1066 Ridgewood Ave

Holly Hill, FL 32117

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